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What is the best breadboard for science project or any electronic research? Try our top 10 best breadboard for your project or research. High quality breadboard including all necessary components with latest technology. Check and pick your best one to get start any project.

Breadboard is a basic instrument for electrical and electronic engineering or telecommunication engineering or physics students or teacher or researcher. Teacher, students have facility to use lab equipment in college, university campus only. They can’t bring any equipment in house.

But sometimes instruments are needed to bring at home for doing some important research with long time as project can be done at home. All college/university buys long lasting and best instruments for lab as many people can use it easily. So the instruments are generally costly. For small project students/researcher can buy their important equipment from market place at very low price. It fills the need of the researcher/students spending low amount money. Breadboard, multimeter, soldering iron, jumper wire male-female etc basic electronic components should be kept in home for research and project.


Best Breadboard for the money


Breadboard is one of the important instrument. It is used for making connection of a circuit. Any small project can be tested or run on it. Every student or teacher of electrical/communication/physics should have it.

What should be considered before buying best breadboard?

You have to consider about some factors related to your work following

  • Project Space
  • Budget
  • Where to buy & which brand

Project Space

First you have to focus about your project which you will do at home. Does it need more space on breadboard? Or it needs a small place to do your project. If you need a big space then you should buy a breadboard which has big space for putting many elements such as resistors, capacitors, jumper wire, microprocessor etc on the breadboard at a time. If you need small place then you should buy single breadboard. There is an advantage of buying big space breadboard than small space. If any breadboard does not work properly then you can use another space.


Budget depends upon necessity. It also depends on some other factors. How many years you will use it? If you want to use it for many years then buy high quality product otherwise buy medium quality product. We will not suggest you for buying any low quality material which will not satisfy you.

Where to buy & which brand

You can buy in two ways. Search in the nearest market or buy online. Online buying is the best idea spending no time with quality products. Some brand has gained trust to people as they believe in them and they really supply good product that is there honest business policy. Don’t worry we will help you to select perfect product which is suited to you. Our product review is based on people say.

We have selected top 10 best breadboards as following

Top 10 best breadboard review:

1. Elenco 9440 Breadboard With JW-350 Jumper Wire Set

Our first product is Elenco 9440 breadboard. Elenco is a leading name of breadboard section. They gained faith of people. Elenco has been using their strong engineering and design skills to develop reliable, affordable electronic test equipment, tools and educational kit for 30 years. Elenco 9440 breadboad has 8 ¼” wide and 9 ½” long. It has 3220 test points, 504 separate 5 point terminals and 14 horizontal bus lines. The binding posts are four coded black, red, yellow and green. This breadboard includes JW-350 jumper wire set which is made in Taiwan and different size of wire set contained in a large 14 compartment plastic case. The compartment plastic case wire set is very useful for any project. Many people said who bought this product if they need they will buy it again. But don’t worry it will fill your need with great helpful. Some people said they got more than their expectation. It has lot of space. Nicely designed and polished.

Elenco 9440 breadboard is the best as top breadboard by people. You can buy this if you are looking for the best product.

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2. Elenco Breadboard 3742 Total Contact Points – 9440C

Our second product also by Elenco breadboard 3742. It is placed in second position with its popularity.  This is another high quality breadboard by Elenco. It has 3220 test points, 504 separates 5 point terminals. It has also 14 horizontal bus lines as Elenco 9440. Four color coded bindings are black, red, yellow and green.

Some students/teachers use this breadboard in electrical engineering class and microprocessor applications. It has enough space than you need. The dimension of this breadboard is 13 x 11 x 1 inches. This is the best breadboard of low cost but high quality. The fitting of breadboard is perfect. Looks very fresh and clean board.

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3. Elegoo Upgraded Electronics Fun Kit, 830 tie-points Breadboard

Our third product is Elegoo upgraded electronics fun kit 830 tie-points breadboard. This is one of latest product in the market. The amazing feature of this product it is a combined kit which is the highest cost performance kit with more than 300 pcs components. The breadboard is included power supply, jumper wire, thermistor, diaode, photoresistor, NPN transistor, solderless jumper wire, capacitor, different color LED bulbs, different values of resistors and so many components. If you need a breadboard with all important components then you can get all in one packet. It’s a combo package. You can download data sheet from Elegoo website.

The most interest thing of this product, you are getting a huge package at very low price.

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4. SunFounder Sidekick Basic Starter Kit w/ Breadboard

SunFounder Sidekick Basic Starter Kit w/Breadboard is very useful for beginner about knowledge about electronics and Arduino. This combo kit offers user manual containing 11 projects, code, firitzing images and datasheets. They give quick responding technical support for free. It’s an awesome thing getting technical support free.  This breadboard package includes project box, booklet, jumper wire, red-green-RGB LED, ceramic capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, resistors, thermistor, tilt switch, active-passive buzzer, button, switch an so many.

Don’t think the price high because they offer many components. They do not offer reasonable price they offer it with low price.

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Our last product is TEKTRUM breadboard. If you need a huge space for your project or experiment then it is the best for you. It is well finished with white color row column for easy pin counting. It has 4660 tie points or insertion holes total 4560 tie point circuit area and one 100 tie point distribution. This breadboard included 130 male to male jumper wires of various colors and lengths. So you don’t need to waste your time wire making. The Breadboard dimensions: 11.8 x 9.5 x 0.4in (300 x 240 x 10mm).

This breadboard is perfect for prototyping circuit, electronic and electrical experiment without soldering. It also works great with Arduino. Research says this is a high-quality breadboard which long lasts with great work.

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06. Jameco Valuepro Solderless Breadboard

Jameco Valuepro is another solderless bread board on the market. The dimension of this bread board is 7.3″L x 7.5″W. It is very ideal for high frequency and low noise circuits. The pin are identified of this breadboard by numbered rows and columns. This smart breadboard accepts most of the electronic componets, including integrated circuits and transistors for analog or digital circuit.

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07. RSR Electronics Inc. Assembled Digital / Analog Trainer

RSR electronics inc. offers assembled digital and analog trainer. It has 5V fixed power supply with bread board. 15V variable power supply which helps in project when variable supply needed. It has short circuit protection so no worry to use it. This is an advance level package kit bread board for beginners. Output current is 1A  for DC.

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08. Global Specialties PB-503 Deluxe Analog and Digital Design Workstation

Global specialties PB 503 is a smart power breadboard having all the necessary components set in one package. It has 8 channel logic monitor. 8 selectable logic switches. This breadboard is ideal for digital and analog and microprocessor circuits. It contains low and high buffered logic indicators.

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09. Elenco 300-in-One Electronic Project Lab

Elenco has a great fame for electronic component on the market specially for breadboard. They has totally taken the breadboard sector. Most of the people uses their breadboard. Although this an upgraded electronics trainer breadboard with 300 experiments. With the help of this breadboard anyone can learn basic principles of electronic and electricity, physics. Just plugin and play kit helps doing any project.

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10. Powered Solderless Breadboard w/ LCD Voltage Displays

Powered Solderless breadboard is one of the best updated breadboard having nice LCD display which helps to take exact readings. This ideal breadboard is very convenient to any science project. It has +15V DC variable power and -15V DC variable power also. This breadboard kit needs 110V input AC power.

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