Best Propane Generators: Top Rated Portable Propane Generator

You need the best propane generators for your camping, RV life, home back up wherever you needed most. When all the power goes out propane generator will give you environment friendly clean energy with steady power supply.

Longer shelf life, high running wattage, low fuel cost, low maintenance cost, environment friendly exhaust makes easier life using the best portable propane generators for your back up power.

Why you choose propane generator over gas generator?

propane generator

Gasoline generators are very popular for portability, easy to carry, low cost fuel, affordable. But still there some limitation of using gas generators such as gasoline generators has lower life time comparing propane generator.

Gas generator are environment friendly but propane generators are most eco friendly than gas generators. At the operating time propane generator emits less carbon monoxide than gas generators.

Propane generators release almost half carbon monoxide than gasoline generators release that is an extra advantage of environmental solution of using propane generators.

Propane generator is available everywhere you need on the other hand gasoline is not available everywhere. Propane stores in bulk cylinders so supply can be possible if the electricity is out but you will not get gas when pump is not running or electricity out.

It is less likely to spill because propane is stored in safety tanks using security valves where no chance to spill out. When fuel refill needed just connect propane generator to the tank with hose and open the valve to the fill the fuel flow.

The operation of propane generator is quieter than gasoline generator which is the best usage for camping life or RV usage.

Propane generators needed less maintenance than gasoline or other generators and the maintenance cost is almost half than gasoline generators. Propane generators are favorite to the people who needed cheap rate, low cost maintenance and hassle free.

If you compare with the price propane generators are almost half price than gasoline generators so we can say propane generators are economical.

Propane generators has longer shelf life than gasoline so why not you choose propane generator for your emergency power up.

Best propane generators buying considerations:

There are some important considerations before buying the best propane generators for your backup power.

i) Budget: Propane generators are generally half cost than gasoline generators. People use gas generators for portability but it is high price no economical. On the other hand you will get propane generator with very low cost half price of gas generators. So propane generators are best choice where high power back up needed with low price such as RV, home backup power, camping or industrial usage.

ii) Duel Fuel: Our suggestion is to choose for duel fuel generators which will give you the facility to use duel fuel. Sometimes you may not get the fuel you want if you have duel fuel generators no need to worry. You can fill your need using another fuel.

iii) Safety: Before buying propane generator make sure the generator includes an automatic shut off feature.

iv) Lifetime: Normally propane generators has a longer life shelf than gas generators although make sure the generator you buy has a high longer life asking the company or reading the reviews or user manual.

v) Tank: Storage tank is a great problem of propane generator can not store more fuel so before buying make sure you are buying high storage tank propane generator. Big size tank will provide you longer backup supply.

3 best propane generators of editor’s pick
Image Name Price
Champion 3800-Watt propane generator
Westinghouse WGen3600DF
Duromax XP4850EH


10 Best Propane Generators Reviews:

1.Champion 3800-Watt propane generator

Champion 3800 Watt is the best propane generator in our research for its great capability and durability.

The generator is actually great because of its duel fuel facility that increases the value on the people’s desires. When you are at the end of your gasoline the duel fuel generator gives the facility to use liquid propane gas as alternative or main fueling which is incredible.

For that reason, some people always demands it, Champion 3800W comes with an ultimate package of generator anyone needs in emergency or outing recreation.

The unit starts with 4750W by gasoline and gives you continuous 3800W which is enough to start up essential item one need.

Other hand by using propane the generator needs 4275W and the running wattage will be 3420W. It serves you anytime like camping, boating, in your RV or home backup.

The low oil sensor helps to shutoff automatically so that you do not have to worry about the function when gas or oil is about to end.

The model is made of world class champion engine 224cc OHV 4 stroke and touch start option that is very easy to assemble.

The generator can serve as 9 hours on gasoline and nearly 10.5 hours on propane gas, you have the dual facility use it as manual instruction.

And the noise level is quiet that you can’t hear anything from 23ft away, the decibel level is just 68db.

The model has the versatility to take anywhere because it is portable size so that anyone can take it anywhere and steel frame body makes the generator heavy duty durable material.

There is also included a battery to electric startup in case you need it and volt guard for your sensitive appliances.

Hot or cold in any weather the generator provides the maximum power back up what you need for your essential items.

Highlighted Features

  • Starting wattage 4750W for gasoline
  • Running wattage 3800W gasoline
  • Peaking wattage 4275W LPG
  • Running wattage 3420W LPG
  • Engine 224cc champion
  • Touch start engine
  • Button push electric start
  • Run on LPG upto 10.5 hours
  • LPG capacity 20lbs
  • Run time on gas for 9 hours
  • Fuel tank 3.4 gallon
  • Noise 68db from 23ft away
  • Weight 122lbs

We Like

  • Volt guard for safety
  • Portable and durable model
  • World class generator service

We do not Like

  • Nothing major found just pricey but you got what you pay

In short Champion is not only named after champion it is truly deserved the title in every angle, if you are wondering to buy best generator which serves you as well dual fuel convenient you can check it out.

2. Westinghouse WGen3600DF

Here is our 2nd best propane generator -Westinghouse WGen 3600DF as you say dual fuel generator which made by Westinghouse one of the famous peripherals production company.

The generator comes with 4650W peaking wattage and 3600W running wattage when you use it gasoline power to run appliances.

When you run the generator on propane the starting wattage is 4180W and continues the power gives you 3240W.

Take a look back on its configuration, the engine is heavy quality 212cc OHV types with 4 strokes and also air-cooled system is available.

The engine is made of high class so that it performs long time even in generation you can not imagine. Right maintenance and guideline makes electronics gadgets extra bonus life.

The convenient option is you can start the generator with remote control that’s barely comes with these types of model.

There is the same facility like champion low oil sensor which helps to shut down automatically to protect your appliances.

If you compare the unit with champion only difference in engine otherwise all features are like same together. Besides the generator giving very reasonable price than others.

Highlighted Features

  • Starting wattage 4650W on gas
  • Running wattage 3600W on gas
  • LPG wattage 4180W
  • LPG wattage 3240W
  • Engine 212cc OHV 4 stroke
  • Low oil shutdown
  • Push button electric
  • Remote start system
  • Run time 12 hour at 50% load
  • Fuel tank 4 gallon
  • Weight 109 pounds

We Like

  • Smart design
  • Reasonable price
  • Dual fuel generator

 We do not Like

  • A little bit heavy than champion

Westinghouse offering a great generator for your power backup when its needed most with including all features that one best generator should had.

3. Duromax XP4850EH

The next generator is world class brand Duromax XP4850eh model which propane generator is one of selected best generator in listing for its easy use.

The generator is perfect for RV, camping or home use because it can give you constant 3500W that’s enough to run an AC smoothly.

If you are wondering to run the generator on propane it provides 3850W which is right for running every essential item.

And the engine is just powerful like Honda or Yamaha 199cc OHV air cooled system included 7Hp. The time of running is 8 hours on gasoline and 20 hours constantly on propane.

Besides the low oil sensor shut off automatically so that you do not have to worry when the oil is about to end.

Running with a quick reliable start and overnight you can get back all the privilege of electricity power.

In order to power there is different model of DuroMax, some of them gives more wattage according to your demand.

The generator works well both on gas or propane, so grab the one what is suitable for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Peaking wattage 4400W gas
  • Running wattage 3500W gas
  • Engine 199cc 7Hp air cooled OHV
  • LPG starting wattage 4850W
  • LPG running wattage 3850W
  • Low oil shutoff and indicator
  • Recoil start and key start
  • Fuel tank 4 gallon
  • Run time 8hours on gas
  • 20 hours on propane
  • Weight 130lbs

We Like

  • Useful for any purpose when power is needed

We do not Like

  • Not CARB Compliant

4. Pulsar PG4500B 4500W Peak 3500W Rated Portable Propane Generator

In the world of generator everyone considers to buy one of durable and efficient generator with some attractive features that helps when power is needed.

After researching we found different models and types of generator, from the serial Pulsar PG4500B has the compatible features to define others.

It has high quality 4 stroke OHV engine that works very strong supportive for your sensitive components and device.

With 4500W peaking wattage the model gives you the ultimate continuous 3500W for running your devices smoothly.

There are lot of generator of gas powered but few are propane version of them. That’s the benefit of dual fuel generator, if you are shortage of gas quickly can power up the unit by propane.

Pulsar generator has the privilege for users to light up their home whenever power is needed.

This is actually our suggestion if you have decided to buy generator, keep in mind the generator is propane powered or not. Because it is more relaxing when you are using such unit that supports two types fuel.

So, pulsar comes with 15-hour power up time at half load and noise level is quite than others.

You simply just can rely on the generator and also users reviewed quite positive.

Highlighted Features

  • Peaking wattage 4500W
  • Running wattage 3500W
  • OHV engine air cooled
  • Single cylinder 4stroke
  • Run time 15 hours at half load
  • Fuel tank 4 gallon
  • Liquid propane capacity 20lb
  • Noise level 70dB
  • Weight 106 pounds

We Like

  • Heavy duty built
  • Run for long time
  • Portable for anywhere

We do not Like

  • Small wheels

Researching all over the market we found some good generators for dual use, from them pulsar is one of great handy generator to run your device on any emergency or for enjoying vacation.

5. Sportsman GEN4000LP Propane Powered Portable Generator

Sportsman GEN4000LP- the generator is duel fuel type means it can run by two types material one is gas and other is LPG short form of liquid propane gas.

The little generator provides with 7Hp OHV engine for your home or RV purpose at any time while also in emergency.

With peaking 4000W the generator gives continuous 3250W by running 10 hours at half loadage like AC, TV, Fridge, Laptop, mobile etc.

And you do not have to worry of the safety of your devices because the generator has the overload protection and sparks arrestor.

One can easily carry the generator in their camping or tailgating because the size is light and portable.

Keep the generator in a distance and notice you even get not the noise of it because it creates less than 69 decibels which is nearby of normal conversation.

There is also the privilege of low oil shut off automatically so you have not to worry about gas besides propane can relief from all of anytime power shortage problem.

Duel fuel is made form of those who want to use the generator for a really long time without any tension on vacation or travelling on RV.

Quite affordable power at home brings the ultimate super quality from Sportsman 4000W generator.

Highlighted Features

  •  Surge wattage 4000W
  •  Continue wattage 3250W
  •  7 HP 4 stroke OHV engine
  •  Run time 10 hour at 50%
  •  Automatic low oil shut off
  •  Fuel 3.6 gallon and 20lbs LPG
  •  Noise less than 68dB
  •  Overload protection
  •  Weight 88 pounds

We Like

  • Clean and quiet run
  •  Provides maximum performance
  •  Affordable power

We do not Like

  • Not CARB Compliant

In short whenever you need the generator for power supply Sportsman is a great deal in affordable price. The propane gas powered generator takes remarkable place on the market.

6. Firman Hybrid Series H03651

Firman H03651 generator works as a great dual fuel or propane generator you will found out on the market.

Some people thinks if you own a generator it must be propane generator because anytime the generator is actual handy for you.

With giving constantly 3650W on gasoline and 3300 on propane, the unit serves clean energy to power up your needed appliances.

The engine of its 208cc with 4stroke OHV which very powerful to run every sensitive component without any problem.

The steel frame design makes the body long lasting and leakage proof so that no tension about anything.

With a voltmeter the unit is easy to use and the electric start helps to start up with battery.

An ideal generator for RV, camping or home use.

Highlighted Features

  •  Starting wattage 4550 on gas
  • Running wattage 3650 on gas
  • Starting 4100W LPG
  • Running 3300W LPG
  • Engine 208cc 7Hp 4 stroke
  • Fuel tank 5 gallon
  • Run time 14 hours at 50%
  • Recoil and electric start
  • Flat free 8inch tire
  • Weight 134 pounds

 We Like

  • Generator with wheels
  •  Flexibility to use
  •  Great for RV or home

We do not Like

  •  A little bit heavy weight

Verdict line powerful generator for RV, camping and home use with easy manual and low noise.

7. Powermate 6957 DF3500E

The next generator model is Powermate 6957 DF3500E, one of best product on the market. The unit provides 3500W constantly which run up every essential thing one need.

The generator comes with the function of dual fuel system means you can run through both fuel gasoline and propane.

On propane the unit serves 3200W with the maximum 20lbs capacity and the key start by two option recoil and electric.

The low oil shut down automatically helps to mind the fuel tank is nearby empty and two side handles move at ease.

The steel frame body is long lasting and durable in any weather so that the unit offers ultimate power to active different power wattage.

When you are decided to buy then just take a look of key features you may like.

Highlighted Features

  •  Peaking wattage 4375W for gas
  •  Running wattage 3500W for gas
  •  Starting 4000W LPG
  •  Running 3200W LPG
  •  Run time 10.5 hours at 50% load
  •  Fuel tank 4.5 gallon
  •  LPG capacity 20lbs
  •  Recoil and electric start
  •  Low oil shutdown
  •  Weight 118.2lbs

We Like

  • Low oil shutdown option available
  •  Digital multimeter

We do not Like

  •  Traditional size

Over all a great model generator to support whenever in emergency.

8. All Power America Portable Propane Generator

Our next ranking list product is famous All Power America which quite good at its affordable, quiet and best for camping or home use.

With 2800W peaking wattage the generator provides continuous 2800W that’s quite well for running daily basis things for anyone.

The engine and shut oil indicator is powerful to support any electrical device. And also the generator has the facility to carry easily because it is portable.

The noise level is low like normal dishwasher sound so you can ignore the noise like pass by going vehicle.

Besides we agree it is not super cool like Honda or duromax but its okay to have one with reasonable price.

Because now in days every company trying their best to manufacture any product, they know only good product quality survives at last.

Highlighted Features

  •  Surge wattage 3500W
  •  Running wattage 2800W
  •  Engine 6.5Hp
  •  Low oil shut off
  •  Run time 10hours half load
  •  LPG capacity 20lbs
  •  Noise 68dB
  •  Weight 106 pounds

We Like

  • Light weight
  • Low noise
  • Dual fuel convenient

We do not Like

  •  Not CARB Compliant

A great generator All power America with its key featured on giving the wattage what you need on daily basics.

9. Ford FG5250PBR 5250W Peak Dual Fuel Generator

Ford FG5250PBR the next model for describing in our product list. There are many propane powered generator on the market, some only support propane and some both gasoline or propane.

To have both using facility you can get the constant power in your home or whatever you are outside with family like summer camp.

Here we are talking about Ford generator which peaks 5250W on gas and gives you continuous 4250W to active your appliances. By this wattage you can run almost every needed item.

Beside on propane the constant wattage will be 3850, a little less than gasoline but at least you are running generator when gas is at end point.

That is the main fact of using dual fuel generator and you get all the featured included what must has in a portable generator.

On our opinion when you are buying generator for home or other purpose, you should consider to have one portable and dual fuel generator than stationary generator.

Highlighted Features

  • Peaking wattage 5250W for gas
  • Running wattage 4250W for gas
  • LPG starting 4750W
  • LPG running 3850W
  • Engine 224cc air cooled OHV
  • Low oil indicator
  • Recoil starts
  • Run item 11 hours at 50% load
  • Weight 108lbs

We Like

  • Dual fuel installed
  •  Long run time
  •  Reasonable

We do not Like

  •  Small fuel tank

We can say that Ford generator quite well for real deal on the market with good configuration and capability.

10.Fortress Hybrid 4,400-Watt Propane Generator

There is another portable generator from Duromax Fortress Hybrid dual fuel which offers 3500W running support on power outage.

In these days people loves those things on light weight and to carry on anywhere easily that means portable types favorable.

Why generator will be back dated, the manufacturer also keeps to like their peripherals product as much as little size with many features.

From that point the model we are discussing now is quite easy to carry on and giving you 3500W smoothly.

In these wattages you can run every most possible appliances need at a time. Like AC, fridge, TV, laptop, mobile charging, electric device etc.

If you want to start pump you will need more power for that they have several products with more wattage.

Just pick the one you need most with calculating your wanted wattage.

The other configuration is just similar like Duromax that has every essential program to use conveniently.

Highlighted Features

  •  Peaking wattage 4400W
  •  Running wattage 3500W
  •  Engine 7Hp air cooled
  •  Low oil shut off
  •  Made of black stylish metal
  •  Overload protection
  •  Noise muffler operation
  •  Weight 130 pounds

We Like

  • One of the best brand product
  •  Durable
  •  Low noise

We do not Like

  •  Heavy to move

Duromax generator is market winner product so you can rely on them, before we described two of that, now you have to decide what model to choose.

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