Best Quiet Generator For Camping

Have you made a plan for camping? What is the best quiet generator for camping? You need a super quiet generator for your camping. We found 10 best quietest portable generator on the market testing on our lab with the help of expert engineers. Try now our reviewed best quiet portable generators for your camping.

We assure you it will be great help to pick which one is the best for your enjoyment. Just read the whole article you will get proper guideline.


What is The Quietest Generator For Camping?

The generator which have very low noise is the quietest camper generator.When you are in camping you must need a super quiet generator. Because your tent mate will feel uneasy with your generator noise. It can break your all the enjoyment in pain. So you must need a portable generator which has very low noise having high power supply capacity to full fill your power demand.

Best Quietest Generator For Camping


Why Should You Need Quiet Generator For Camping?

People goes for camping to hear the voice of bird, making some real fun in the moon lit night. Camping is a great relaxation it’s a pleasure time. When you are making fun with your group and your generator is making noisy sound ruins the whole party. It can ruin the whole enjoyment including other people’s. There is a great need of quiet portable generator which will help you to fill your demand only not breaking other people’s fun including yours.

Noise Level Chart Tested on Our Lab

best quietest generator for camping noise level chart

Which is The Best Quiet Generator For Camping?

After analyzing the quality of the generator’s on our lab and talking to the customer who are using it we got Honda, Champion and Yamaha are the best 3 brands for camping generator. Honda EU2000i is the best from best 3 we got and it is the highest seller rank and popular quietest portable generator on the market.

Champion got second position on our review. Champion has the highest smart technology having very low noise similar to Honda generator. But Champion has an extra advantage which Honda doesn’t have is remote control. You can control it within a certain range which is incredible.

Yamaha got third place according to our test and reviews. But we got these three are similar functions and performance comparing each other.

Some people always like Champion portable generator, some like Yamaha and some Honda.

It is your decision which one you pick. Our recommendation is Honda for the first choice camper generator.

There are also many good brands are supplying high quality portable generators.

Our Survey Report of Generator Brands For Camping Usage

best quietest generator noise level pie diagram


What is The Perfect Size Quiet Generator For Camping?

Ofcourse the generator size should be compact, handy and  light weight. When you go on camping you have to carry many important things such as portable refrigerator, potable generator, food, water, clothes, fuel etc etc.

If you carry a huge size camping generator how could you carry your other important materials? Recommendation is always go with light, compact, high efficient and light performance quiet generator for camping.

Last year my friend Raiyan and my family we both were in a camping. He took advice from me before buying portable generator for campingbecause i am an electrical engineer.  I advised him to buy Honda EU2000i but he didn’t listen. He thought it is expensive and wattage is low. He bought 3000watt giant portable generator which was taken a huge space on RV.

The most interesting matter happened at the midnight of our first camping day. Raiyan’s giant generator suddenly stopped working at 3:00am. Imagine what a panic if a portable generator stops in the mid night.

I helped my friend with my small compact size EU2000i supplying some power sharing. Raiyan realized that he bought wrong generator although he took advise from an expert. He also noticed that his giant generator was consuming more gas than mine.

Big size is not always perfect, small size can do the best than bigger size in some cases.

10 Best Quiet Generator For Camping:


01. Honda EU2000I 2000 Watt Inverter Generator

Honda EU2000i is the best quietest inverter generator for camping on our review. Honda EU2000i is the best selling portable generator from Honda Company. It is also Amazon best seller no. 1 product.

EU2000i is a super quiet, fuel efficient and high performance portable generator. It has very low noise level when running. This 2000watt generator is very convenient when you are in a camping you need to play TV, DVD player, Xbox, Microwave.

You can cool down your food and beverage on the portable refrigerator with this super quiet generator. No need to worry about your laptop charging it will power up your laptop, mobile.

Your camping will not be ruined for bad weather. Honda EU2000i will take care of your need when all the power is gone. You will not run outage of power when you need most. Honda EU2000i always keeps it promises.

The most important two factors of choosing the generators are this is the super quiet portable generator on the market and second factor is the most reliable generator which will not betray you when it is mostly needed in camping trip all people might be outage of power but you will not.

This super quiet generator will give you more than 8.1hours back up with only 1 gallon gasoline. Isn’t it more energy efficient? Low input but high output power comparing to others.

Where you go and talk about the best portable and super quiet generator you will be listen by people about this Honda EU2000i.

Highlighted Features

  • Honda EU2000I model super quiet
  • Starting 2000 wattage
  • Running wattage 1600
  • Comfortable handle
  • Voltage 120V
  • Powered by gasoline
  • Fuel gasoline 1gallon
  • 13.3A capacity running at 1600Watt
  • Maximum 16.7A capacity running at 2000Watt
  • Weight 45.6lbs
  • Parallel connection
  • Circuit protection
  • Clean power, clean energy
  • Noise level 53dB


  • Super quiet
  • Very handy easy to carry
  • Energy efficient
  • High durability
  • High performance
  • Small compact size but fridge, TV, laptop are can be powered up


  • No wheels

Honda EU2000i is the best quietest portable generator for camping. EU2000i is our lab tested winner, public choice winner both. High fuel efficient with energy rating, durable, super quiet and the best for usage as camper generator.

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02. Champion 75537i 3100 Watt RV Ready

Champion 75537i got second place on our competition review. The most amazing feature of this portable generator is wireless remote control. You can on or off your generator from 80 feet distance. Isn’t it a great feature?

Think when you on your bed feeling sleepy don’t want to go outside switch on or off your generator. If you have Champion 75537i just on or off your generation just clicking one button.This smart super quiet generator operates at 58dB which very very low noise.

Champion 75537i is completely RV portable generator with 120V and 30A current supply. It takes 3100Watt for starting and gives 2800Watt at running which is more powerful to full fill the demand of a large family. It has 12V DC outlet with dual USB adapter. It can back up 8 hours at 25% load.

Day by day this black yellow high stylish Champion inverter generator is becoming more and more popular for it’s highest smart wireless technology with powerful supply.

If you compare it to Honda EU2000i price are almost similar but it has more wattage to supply and wireless remote control. The decision is always yours.

Highlighted Features

  • Champion75537i portable inverter generator
  • Start by wireless remote
  • Remote can generate from 80ft away
  • Starting wattage 3100
  • Running wattage 2800
  • Run time 8hour at 25% load
  • Voltage 120V for RV or home
  • DC 12V outlet
  • Dual USB adapter
  • Clean power with THD
  • Quick touch panel
  • Two side handle
  • Three position ignition option
  • Volume 58dB
  • Weight 95lbs


  • Safe for sensitive electronic device
  • Best for camping, RV or home
  • Super quiet
  • Remote control on/off


  • Small wheels

If you want to go with high power supply having latest wireless remote controlling system you can go with Champion 75537i RV ready super quiet portable generator.

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03. Atima AY2000i Portable Inverter Generator

Atima AY2000i is our third placed inverter portable generator. It has got third place on our survey but it is the first choice of American people .

Atima AY2000i is the latest upgraded super quiet portable inverter generator. AY2000i is very ideal for camping, RV use and also great for home.

We have noticed from customer’s review it has served very well at the natural disaster time such hurricanes Imar and Maria. People are saying it gave them very reliable and efficient service when they need very much. They appreciate this model because they are benefited well.

Size may be small and compact but it will play well your mobile charge, coffee maker, computer, blender, portable fan, TV/DVD, AC, hair dryer, standard microwave oven, energy star home refrigerators and garage refrigerators when you are in a camping don’t worry it will take care of your all necessary power backup.

Atima AY2000i is very safe to use. It has overload protection, electrical circuit breaker system. When the oil is low it will give you an alarm to recharge oil.

Highlighted Features

  • Atima AY2000i inverter generator
  • Genuine Yamaha engine
  • Starting 2000watt
  • Running 1600wat
  • Fuel tank 1gallon
  • Run time 7.6 hours at half load
  • Voltage 120V AC out
  • Powered by gasoline
  • Parallel connection can be made
  • Weight 47.41lbs
  • Overload protection
  • Electrical circuit breaker
  • Low oil alarm
  • Smart throttle


  • Genuine Yamaha engine Japanese design
  • Easy operation
  • Fuel efficient and durable
  • Light weight
  • Super stylish design


  • Little bit small run time

Atima AY2000i is the most popular portable quiet generator and Yamaha lover’s best choice. To enjoy your camping or party you can buy one of this model to have back up power supply anytime efficiently.

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04. Pulsar PG2000iS 2000W Inverter Generator

Pulsar PG2000is is rising star digital inverter gas powered portable generator for clean power, pure energy. Nothing can beat Pulsar PG2000is 2000 watt handy suitcase size 47 pounds ultimate portable generator.

Pulsar is virtually silent from as little as 10 feet away. It operates up to 8 hours on 1.18 gallons of gasoline only.

PG2000is has a reliable performance when you need it. You can connect with parallel to another when you need more power.

It has low oil alarm and low oil shut down system. Integrated power protection system which will supply safe energy.

Two old friend made a bet with their portable generator while they were in a camping. One friend has high quality brand generator and another friend had Pulsar PG2000is. They started their generator to find who wins.

Interesting matter Pulsar ran extra half an hour than the high quality brand generator.

It proves that Pulsar is coming to beat the top 3 brands. It is designed with high quality material which providing high durability and high performance.

Highlighted Features

  • Pulsar PG2000iS super quiet inverter generator
  • Design sleek impact
  • Engine 80cc OHV 3.5Hp
  • 2000-watt peaking
  • Running 1600watt
  • Fuel tank 1.18gallon .29 GPH
  • Low oil indicator
  • Circuit breakers
  • Spark plug wrench
  • 10W30 oil bottle and funnel
  • 12V Cable of charging
  • Auto shutdown at low oil
  • 61dB volume
  • Run time 8.1 half load
  • Two AC Voltage 120V
  • One 12V DC outlet
  • 5V DC USB outlet
  • Weight 40lbs


  • Reliable and safe for sensitive device
  • Light weight
  • High quality motor
  • Cheap price comparing others


  • Little bit noisy

Pulsar Company is taking over 100 years of manufacturing experience so that Pulsar PG2000is will give you power when you need it most.

Light weight, safe electricity, long term operating when you need it.

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05. Yamaha EF2000iSv2 2000Watts Gas Powered

If you are searching for a quiet and budget generator, we suggest you to go for Yamaha brand. You must be heard of the name, one of the best company on the market.

This is the highest selling model of Yamaha portable generator.

With light weight and very quiet the generator provides you the ultimate power package for any kind of camping or in case power outage at home.

Running 1600watt mode the model comes with a great feature and a throttle which controls the engine speed.

One incredible thing is the running time incredible like 10.5 hours on its 25 percent load that’s really awesome quality product.

And the amazing aspect is reasonable price that the production makes very profit with it.

Actually when you get the name of Yamaha definitely getting the strong vibe from the name because they provide the exact thing what they advertise.

In these feature you can find all the key word what you are looking for.

Then you also can add another generator to add more power or you can check out the more wattage generator like Yamaha 3000wattage.

We suggest what is the best but decision is your what suits you well.

Highlighted Features

  • Yamaha EF2000iSv2 inverter generator
  • Starting 2000watt
  • Running 1600watt
  • Engine 4stroke single cylinder
  • Fuel tank 1.1gallon
  • Run time 10.5hour
  • Oil warning indicator
  • AC 120V 13.3/16.7a
  • Light 2.2cu ft
  • Operates parallel
  • CARB compliant
  • 51.5dB at 25% load
  • High quality module control
  • Standard throttle
  • USFS spark arrestor
  • Weight 44.1 pounds


  • Long time run with clean energy
  • Super quiet and very light size to carry
  • High quality performance
  • Light weight


  • If need more wattage have to add another generator parallel

With a very light size and super quality features the unit is the winner of our ranking list, beside Yamaha is a top quality manufacturer from decades, so you can rely on this closing your eyes.

06. WEN 56200i Super Quiet 2000-Watt

Whether you are on camping, tailgating party or in the middle of power outage WEN-56200i model inverter generator gives you a complete package to serve.

Mobile, laptop, tab these are the daily basis gadget for everyone, but when you are on vacation outside facing charging problem disgusts anyone. To help you Wen inverter generator manufactured several models generator.

From that part 2000 watt is the most people’s preferable generator which is powered by gasoline. Also start very quickly and make low noise like our normal conversation sounds that 51 decibels according to US Department of health and human services.

Even if you need more power to add simply just connect with another generator with cord.

That is a very relaxing point of using Wen inverter generator.

The generator also takes a good care of your vulnerable electronics if any error occurred such as voltage spikes or drops that makes its best feature.

The most incredible point is automatic shutdown feature when the fuel or oil running low.

Like window air conditioner or same conversation electronics making sound quality, by having the generator you can get that levels of noise which is very tolerable like super whisper quiet.

Some customer wrote on review that they found out the generator is super cool like Yamaha does.

So remember the model of generator when you are searching quiet and safe for your device.

Highlighted Features

  • 2000-watt generator
  • Engine 79.7cc 4 stroke OHV
  • Running wattage 1600
  • CARB compliant
  • Fuel tank 1gallon
  • 6-hour half load run time
  • Power source gasoline
  • 120V two three prong receptacle
  • 12V DC Receptacle
  • 5V USB port
  • Parallel connection ports
  • Pull cord to start
  • Over load protection
  • Low fuel and oil auto shut down
  • Dimension 18*11*18 inches
  • Weight 48pounds


  • Provide clean energy with Eco mode
  • Light weight carry handle
  • Very quiet like normal conversation
  • Great for camping, construction sites etc


  • Not good for cooking

If you are finding a super quiet portable generator for using gadget type appliances the model is great for you.

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07. Briggs & Stratton 2200-Watt Inverter Generator

From 100 years to now Briggs & Stratton is building power equipment to add more privilege in home on power outage or camping purpose. This kind of portable inverter generator helps to get power when you need them most.

For example, the hurricane incident of Florida was frightening and horrible, we found most of people in that situation don’t get any power supply so they used portable inverter generator for their survival needs. Many reviewed by saying thanks for the great edition of the inverter generator.

It’s a blessing of science that we can get power by having any kind of portable power generator. There are several model of generator but Briggs & Stratton added new featured according to their customer satisfaction.

Like all the other portable generator the model provides smooth power supply and safe usable to connect with phones, laptops, electronics devices.

If you need more wattage link another wattage generator and use it in any purpose.

We point out all of the highlighted features at a quick glance so that you can get all in one place. We understand when you have decided to buy, don’t get that much time to read all the topics, like so we make it easy for you to decide what is right for you.

Besides by reading our researched highlighted features you can compare all the products one by one according to the market value and updates.

Thus far we listed six top ranking portable inverter generator, from that the model is unique and very quiet and light weight which is ideal for your camping.

Highlighted Features

  • Briggs & Stratton 2200 watt
  • Engine 111cc OHV
  • Starting watts 2200
  • Running watts 1700
  • 120V for home outlet
  • 12V for DC outlet
  • Operating volume 59dB
  • Fuel tank 1 gallon
  • Run time 8hour at 25% load
  • H handle design
  • Parallel connector
  • USB port to charge
  • Weight 54.6lbs


  • Best for laptop, TVs, mobiles, game etc
  • Super quiet technology
  • Handy easy to carry


  • Small tank

With a long time run and safe for your electronic device, the brand gives you the world’s top class portable inverter generator.

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08. Westinghouse Portable Inverter Generator

With automatic power shut down Westinghouse iGen2200 portable inverter generator is one of the amazons best choice product. Actually the model is cute size like briefcase it helps to carry anywhere you want.

We are here talking about Westinghouse brand portable inverter generator which producing several models of generator from decades.

If we compare the generator to our old generation model type you can easily find out the problem of having those heavy backup. Thanks to the company they always upgrade new model with up to date for consumer.

Though it has the same start procedure pull the cord and start with a little bit wattage then adjust its own running wattage.

The model is perfect compact package to take beside you on camping, hunting, fishing, tailgating or home party. Also provides the safety and reliability to protect your devices.

It offers the quietest and pleasant weather without having tension of charging problem in camping.

Those who are wondering something with a little maintenance and auto manual the product is made for you.

It has a high quality motor which gives you the maximum power supply for sensitive appliances and also included port parallel if need more wattage, you can easily connect with another generator.

Besides with a handle one can easily move and best for your laptop, mobile, TV or emergency backup.

Let’s see the key featured our researchers found out to buy before.

Highlighted Features

  • Westinghouse iGen2200 inverter generator
  • Starting wattage 2200
  • Running wattage 1800
  • Fuel tank 1.2 gallon
  • 10 hours lasts at 25% load
  • Two 120V outlet voltage
  • One 12V for DC outlet
  • Low THD and quiet noise
  • Low oil auto shutdown
  • Gasoline powered
  • Half load noise 59dB
  • Parallel cord
  • CARB compliant and EPA
  • Weight 46lbs
  • 30-50% fuel efficient


  • High efficiency generator
  • Absolutely safe for gadgets
  • Double your power with parallel adding
  • Fuel efficient
  • Super quiet


  • No wheels

Final word is one of quietest portable generator whenever you need them most like as camping or power outage.

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09. Generac 6866 iQ2000 Super Quiet Generator

Here is another portable inverter generator Generac 6866 IQ2000, the model pretty well quiet and easy manual gasoline powered. Day by day we became dependent on electricity or power.

Whether it’s a storm or just a summer tour, you need one portable inverter generator to keep going on everything smoothly. So when you face power outage problem or planning camping with family just buy portable generator carry with you.

Several company produced generator, Generac is one of them, they are doing well in the market. Like as Honda or Yamaha, their generator also very high quality back up plan when you need them most.

With 2000watt peaking the generator provides you running 1600watt power, by that you can easily enjoy tailgating parties, backyard program, camping outside.

Carrying a little weight and noise level just like two people conversations with each other that is fantastic choice for anyone and right thing to move on with.

Besides there is parallel option available if you need more watt just simply connect another generator and active your device according to your demand.

The generator has turbo mode and other quick option by that you can save your fuel and low noise.

Also have indicator marker option to show you what is the power bar limit and what’s to active or not.

Such a handy portable device for all to keep.

Highlighted Features

  • Generac 6866 inverter generator
  • Starting wattage 2000
  • Running wattage 1600
  • Gasoline powered
  • Operates three mode
  • Monitors power bar display
  • Simple power dial
  • 120V outlet AC and 12V DC
  • Run time 7.7 at 25%
  • Turbo model to save fuel
  • Quieter than Honda
  • Weight 46.2lbs


  • Smart and portable
  • Reasonable than other
  • Standard product for camping, hiking


  • Not usable for refrigerator or high wattage appliances

Verdict line in our research one of greatest portable generator to keep with you in your camping or power out situation without having any problem.

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10. DuroStar 4000Watts Gas Powered Portable Generator

At the last point our ranking product is DuroStar DS4000S which provides combo super compact package of more wattage like two generators in one place.

Actually we place it as a last competitor for its heavy weight and big size, nothing else is problematic matter into the product. So the model is reliable however like other model we described before.

Besides you can see the feature of its just awesome comparing others, watt plus watt and great deal on the market absolute worth value.

The unit is a compact package for supplies when you are out of power or even need backup for camping, also prepared to face any natural disasters.

We didn’t list the generator by accident, all the model described before every single unit is just right choice for buying. Because company does follow the same pattern to launch their product in the market.

You may notice the features are quite similar with a little difference.

Now back to DuroStar generator one of positive aspect is high performance which leads it to provide wattage to start small air conditioner or full refrigerator.

Everyone knows it better things are cost a price, for this generator you do not have to spend cost but have to bear a little weight. Its ok if you are getting something bigger, also can manage that.

Including all great features, the model is also one of amazons best choice product.

Now you may take a look of its features.

Highlighted Features

  • DuroStar 7.0Hp portable generator
  • Starting wattage 4000
  • Running wattage 3300
  • Run time 8 hour
  • Auto shut off when low oil
  • High quality motor
  • Warning light for oil
  • Two prong 120V outlet
  • One 120V twist lock outlet
  • Volume 69decibels
  • Weight 92.4pounds


  • Operates full refrigerator and small AC
  • Heavy steel frame quality product
  • More wattage in a low price
  • Effective energy saving mode
  • High efficient power


  • A little bit heavy and noisy comparing our ranking list

Finally, we can say one of high quality model to buy in a very reasonable price which is also provides more wattage to activate your appliances for more time.

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Considerations of Generator For Camping

Some important phenomena you should consider before buying quiet generator for camping.

i) Noise level

ii) Size

iii) Run time

iv) Durability and performance

v) Price

i) Noise level: Noise level is the most important factor for camper. If the generator is not quiet it will ruin all the camping moment. We already have given a noise level chart of 10 best quiet generators for camping. You can consider noise level from it.

ii) Size: Try to take always compact, small, high efficient portable generator for camping. Big size is a burden to carry. If you carry the generator by your hand it is great comfort. Handy compact size always recommended.

iii) Run time: Another most important factor of portable camping generator. If your generator stops running at the middle of the night it will be great insane. Pick a generator which has minimum 8 hours back up with 1 gallon gas.

iv) Durability and performance: You need a portable generator where is no electricity. If your generator disturbs on that situation then it is completely useless. You must need a reliable, high durable and high performing generator for your camping. People uses portable generators during the time of natural disaster so high fuel efficient, durable generator is needed most as it can give backup during bad weather.

v) Price: You will get high quality portable generator within $700-$1000. Buy one time use it for many years don’t go with cheaper, it will give you pain at bad weather such starting problem, low running time taking more fuel. Don’t worry if you have low budget you can pick one from survey, we selected high efficient generators at low price.

Types of Generator

There are many types of generators are i) standby generators ii) industrial generator iii) recreational inverter generators.

Standby generators are used basically in place where it is fixed and gives more power needed. It is used in home use ideally.

Industrial generator supplies more power when the emergency power backup needed. It supplies more power but has high noise.

Recreational inverter generators are now very famous for camping. It is low cost, low noise, fuel efficient and high performing camper generators. The recreational generators also know as camper generators now a days.

2000watt portable generator or 3000watt?

More wattage means more power. But also consider if you carry 3000 watt generator you have to carry more fuel which is burden for camping because you have to carry another camping materials.

2000watt portable generator is perfect for camping. There are many reasons that 2000watt is perfect such as noise high power machine always makes more noise than low power machine, high power machine needs huge space for carrying, need much fuel which is also a panic when you are in a camping.

If you have a good space on your RV and you need more power there is no option to compromise with power demand, in this situation go with 3000watt.

If you concentrate your mind full to your power generator, how you enjoy your trip? So the best idea is small compact size, energy efficient, less fuel high power production low noise generator needed.

Yes we are here for you to help selecting which one is working best not spoiling your enjoyable valuable time.

Just enjoy your trip with nature, birds voice, sleep well in night without any hassle, make some taste food recipe enjoy your trip.

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