Camping Refrigerator: Top Rated Portable Refrigerator For Camping

Are you ready for your next camping? If yes then tell us which one is the best camping refrigerator? You need the best portable refrigerator for camping​ to keep your food and drinks cool down on your trip. Check our 10 best camping fridge ​which will make your camping more enjoyable without any tension of food and drinks condition.


What is the best camping refrigerator?

The ​​​best camper refrigerator is that refrigerator​ which takes your food and beverage at good condition with low power consumption.

When you are in a camping you have no time for thinking of fridge, battery, generator etc. You go there only for enjoy. So why you spoil your valuable time.  Everyone gets their vacation time only once in a year, don't waste your time thinking of those electrical and electronic device.

Just listen to the voice of birds, enjoy the moon lit night, play games with tent mates, make some Barbecue.

​Which one is the ​best portable refrigerator for camping?

If you are looking for the best ​camping refrigerator but you are confused not sure which one is the best for you and perfect to buy. This article will take you according to your specific need based on your budget determined at true portable ​camping fridge.

Refrigerator For Camping

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We stormed the market for the best ​camper refrigerator. Considering performance, compressor, cooling efficiency, power consumption, durability our expert engineers selected top 10 best ​portable refrigerator for camping on the market.

Try our top 10 best ​​camping fridges recommendation for your journey now.

camping fridge
Try our 10 best portable fridge for your journey now.

We got ARB fridge or coolers are the best on the US market. From our top 10 best portable freezer top 3 are ARB fridges and another brands got 4th to 10th position on our analysis. There was no consideration of giving first three places to ARB fridge. Testing result, customer survey, performance etc terms brought ARB to the first place. They made a place in the heart of American people for ​​portable refrigerator for camping proving high quality components built in freezer.

camping refrigerator

Top 10 Best Camping Fridge:

01. ARB 10800602RM Remote Display Fridge

ARB 10800602RM is our first choice for portable camping fridge. After considering many factors we announce it winner. Our engineers and experts tested it in our lab, practically they talked to the customers who are using it, made a comparison chart compared to another leading brand finally it achieved first position.

​ARB is the best portable fridge in the market providing best performance with latest cooling technology. Many leading 12 Volt fridge maker companies provide weak compressor does not work properly in freezing.  ARB refrigerators come equipped with robust Danfoss compressors proving powerful refrigerations which will cool down your food and drinks on vehicle.

ARB refrigerators come equipped with robust Danfoss compressors proving powerful refrigerations which will cool down your food and drinks on vehicle.

​ARB 63 quart is a fantastic fridge with easy placement into trucks, pickup beds, tonneau convers, suits larger, on the top of cargo drawers, suits larger 4WD wagons, pickups. The most amazing feature of this model is the best visualization with monitor, place your fridge on vehicle and just place the monitor screen on your driving visual side as you can check the temperature and condition of freezing.

Don’t be confused 12V refrigeration; this model has backup refrigeration system when your vehicle battery fails it has built in technology to cool down the food and drinks its own ways. it It’s heavy insulation and hardware helps to maintain chilly temperatures.

This is a great family size or group holding fridge can carry 90, 12 ounce cans which will make your camping more fantastic.

Highlighted Features

  • Weight 68.95 pounds
  • Dimension 36 x 21 x 19.5 inches
  • 63 Quart or 60 Liter approximately
  • Wireless remote fridge monitor display
  • Truly maintain 0 degrees interior temperature in vehicle refrigeration and freezing
  • It can hold up to ninety 12 ounce cans and also can hold up 2 liter bottles of cola
  • While the vehicle is off it continues cooling activity contents
  • Adjustable automatic battery protection which prevents battery run down
  • Includes two power cable one for DC 12/24Volt for vehicle using another for household standard AC power cable


  • Low cost compare to facility
  • Less noise
  • Low power consumption
  • Work with low voltage
  • Maintains inner temperature when battery is out
  • Compact size
  • Also usable in house with AC power

ARB 63 quart is the ideal refrigerator supplier on the market. This is an ideal model for families and camping groups, its compact low profile design perfect to place in trucks, cars, pickup bed etc vehicle.

​Check out for more size of ARB portable fridges

ARB Fridge Freezer 37 Quartz
  • check
    ​Capacity: 37 Quarts
  • check
  • check
    ​Holds up to fifty 12-ounce cans
  • check
    ​AC/DC both power
  • check
    ​ True in vehicle refrigeration and freezing
  • check
    ​Cooling continues when power off
ARB Fridge Freezer 82 Quartz
  • check
    ​Capacity: 82 Quarts
  • check
  • check
    ​Holds up to 120 12-ounce cans
  • check
    ​AC/DC both power
  • check
    ​ True in vehicle refrigeration and freezing 
  • check
    ​Cooling continues when power off

02. ARB Weatherproof 63 Quart Fridge

Our second choice is ARB Weatherproof 63 Quart Fridge. This freezer is constructed of stainless steel offering a fully weatherproof exterior. This model is specially designed for weatherproof to maintain stable temperature inside the freezer as the food and drinks remain cool down. Compared to other freezer it has no impact of weather for specially designed but other fridge’s food and beverage faces weather impact.

ARB Weatherproof is suitable in the back of a SUV, trucks, pickups, Jeep or under a dual cab canopy, on the deck of your boat and also suitable in the kitchen of the camper. This portable features a gas strut assisted lid which helps you to hold the lid open as you search the fridge. It has a programmable electronic 4 digit pin lock ensuring the temperature of the fridge cannot change, power is not switched and drinks are not swiped.

Highlighted Features

  • Weight 94.85 pounds
  • Dimensions 39 x 25.7 x 23.5 inches
  • Capacity: 63 Quart or 60 Liter
  • Weather protected control panel
  • Backlit LED display
  • It has stainless steel body with ARB embossing
  • Unique infinite-position gas spring assisted lid Durable
  • ASA plastic protective moldings
  • Padlock for security
  • Wireless display compatible
  • Secop BD35F compressor
  • 3 stage battery protection
  • LED rear facing cabinet light with auto on/off


  • Complete weather proof
  • Highly protective body made of stainless steel
  • Smallest one but big inside
  • Long time freezing back when power failure
  • Also usable housel hold with AC power

ARB Weatherproof is a great popular ​for camping fridge during bad weather. It is the highest sold out product from ARB fridge. People are loving it so the seller rank is getting high day by day.

03. ARB 10800472 Fridge Freezer- 50 Quart

ARB 10800472 50 Quart fridge or freezer is our third choice. It is smart in shape, huge space inside. It has front mounted control panel with large and bright LED display with large button. Separate compartment for fruit and dairy. ARB 50 Quart has a large full grip EZ latch secures the lid for a tight seal. It is perfect for family or a group camping.

It is very Powerful, Reliable Cooling and Freezing Power fridge with mid range budget.

ARB 50-quart model is the most popular fridge for small group. Suitable for the most medium to large SUVs, pickup trucks, wagons.  The construction of 50 quart is heavy duty for years of use. Just buy and forget about the buying year due to high durability.

Highlighted Features

  • Weight 2.98 pounds
  • Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 5 inches
  • Capacity: 50 Quart
  • 12/24Volt DC power outlet in vehicle
  • AC power cable plug into standard household
  •  It holds up to 72, 12 ounce cans with two liter bottle of cola accommodate
  • Molded lid, UV stable two piece injection
  • Continuous activity while vehicle is off
  • Auto battery adjustable protection when vehicle battery run-down
  • Main Compartment: 13.27"D x 11.22"W x 15.79"H
  • Exterior Footprint: 27.75"L x 14.96"W x 20"H
  • Dairy Compartment: 5.95"D x 11.22"W x 8.11"H


  • Reliable
  • High quality
  • Backup controlling temperature with latest technology
  • Automatic power protection

Many people bought this product and gave positive review talking this great 12V DC power best refrigerator for camping or trip.

One of our user said he is using I on his sailboat for over 3 years still he is amazed at how well it has stood up to the salty marine environment.

He is also running it with solar panel when needs also finally he said when it will damage he will buy new same company product; he has a great faith with ARB refrigerators.

04. Dobinsons 50 Liter 12V Portable Fridge Freezer

Dobinsons is another marvelous and spacious super cool 12V portable fridge on the market you will find out today. Our research through all over market we gave rank 4 in the top listed portable refrigerator which are best for their quality featured and high performance.

Also getting very good responses from users on review feedback which is incredible when you are buying something online.

To make your camping or picnic comfortable many portable fridges are available but this model provides you great Danfoss BD 35F compressor.

It is 50litre capacity and supports as usual 12V and set everywhere easily where you want to active. Beside with 3 stage low voltage the product gives you the maximum privilege to use it. There is also package included which is free cover.

Parties at home, boating, hunting, fishing, camping go out for anything of your desire with keeping a little fridge on your side and express yourself.

Let’s have a look at his key features;

Highlighted Features

  • Capacity 50litre high quality product
  • Danfoss BD-35F compressor
  • DC voltage 12/24V
  • AC voltage 110V-240V
  • FREE cover included
  • -15degree cooling
  • Auto restart cut off with
  • 3 stage integrated low voltage
  • Cooling efficient maximum
  • Power drain minimal
  • Warranty motor 5year, parts 1year
  • 72can place 12oz


  • Compact package for tripping
  • Heavy quality 12V refrigerator
  • Easy to use

Researching market through expert eyes is a super quality best product of our top ranking list.

05. Norcold NRF30 Refrigerator

Here is our one of super model of portable refrigerator Norcold NRF30 which is incredible with its cute size. The model is made of stainless steel gray color which provides you the best privilege on your trips.

When you get one of this model then no worry about food or beverage chilling problem and take little space setting is just awesome.

So pack luggage to go tripping with your things and set a little refrigerator back your RV or vehicle. The comfort of using the product is easy to set anywhere.

There are lots of model of refrigerator 12V for your RV or other vehicle but our researcher just found out only the best for you.

Power setting is as usual 12V/24V on DC supply and also an only refrigerate option. Reversible, removable lid and control temperature is electronic. Battery protection 3 levels adjustable and high quality compressor is just awesome.

Users reviewed many positive feedbacks to have it and satisfied. So let’s look what is the main features of the model.

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel made of
  • 30litre gray color
  • 12/24V for DC and 110V for AC
  • Refrigerate only function separately
  • Sealed compressor hermetically
  • Insulated CFC free foam
  • Adjustable 3 levels battery protection
  • Control panel temperature electronic
  • Reversable and removable lid
  • Handles are removable


  • Great for family trips
  • Light and durable
  • Wise investment

Verdict words are the model is cute one model of our ranking list for those who wants 30litre for tripping or camping.

06. Engel​ Dual Voltage AC/DC Portable Fridge

​If you are preferring to buy one of classy and elegant and also designed for using various uses so, choose the model Engel MT45F U1. Researching top branded portable vehicle refrigerator for your picnic or vacation time the model is awesome. Also has the good features what you need.

Little charm of life is going outside with family or friends on sea beach or country backside however what time does no matter. Just away from home to energize mind and body taking some food, drinks, water that’s it whole package makes a good environment to enjoy.

When it’s come to the point preserving a refrigerator have to think about 12V refrigerator because it is the best for RV. Not only used in vehicle but also with AC power support the model is perfect in home or party.

What is took you long to go an adventure worldwide express yourself taking with mini fridge and give the model to carry your food matters. Hunting, fishing, boating all journey will be easy when you carry on beside yours a cool model like the refrigerator with high performance.

After having the model users are just overwhelmed and recommend as top class product in the market.

Highlighted Features

  • Gold standard product with top opening system
  • Voltage select automatically
  • Both supports AC and DC power supply
  • Voltage support 12V/24V for DC
  • 110V/120V for AC support
  • Runs on power of battery
  • Variable power consumption
  • High effective swing motor compressor
  • Capacity 43 qts and 66pound weight


  • Cool things quickly
  • Easy to use for adventure
  • Heavy duty refrigerator for your journey

Overall estimate good quality product for any kind of journey take a little place to company you with great features.

07. Dometic CFX-40US Portable Electric Cooler

Here is another 12V refrigerator Dometic CFX-40US for your recreation journey to make easy by. There are many cooler or freezer but this is one of best market seller top ranking model. People are loving it because the facilities of its included in its construction.

It is the best for your hunting, fishing, boating, road tripping, picnic or any other programs. The model offers rugged, powerful cooling and innovative system to power up the energy.

And also has movable wire basket so that you can use it easily on heavy truck, boat or other vehicle.

There are LED screen light to control the power level and included a handle to carry. The model provides all AC/DC power support and temperature -8 to +50F.

All settings are great very quiet, well designed considering the customer’s satisfaction.

CFX launched various models if you want to buy choose any model of your demands and choice. Many used it for their camping, tripping and reviewed many positive things about the model you can check it on review section.

Highlighted Features

  • Cooling limit -8 to +50F
  • Voltage support 12V/24V for DC
  • 120v for AC voltage
  • If turned off saves memory
  • LED screen with thermostat
  • Digital control panels with touch soft
  • Drop down handles
  • Capacity 41L and 1.4cu ft.
  • Stainless steel heavy duty
  • 60 12oz cans holds
  • Hinges, strong latches
  • USB port to charge electric material
  • Removable wire basket
  • Reversible or detachable lid


  • Easy use and portable
  • Easy cleaning and big storage
  • Reasonable comparing market

Verdict line is very high performance product for tripping, camping, boating, fishing, hunting, tailgating or picnic.

​Check out more Dometic portable fridges

Dometic CFX-65DZ ​64 Quarts
  • check
    ​Capacity: 64 Quarts
  • check
  • check
    ​12 ounce cans capacity 106
  • check
    ​Solar operation
  • check
    ​Removable wire basket with divider
  • check
    ​Extremely high cooling performance
Dometic CFX-95DZUS​ 90 Quarts
  • check
    ​Capacity: 90 Quarts
  • check
  • check
    ​Holds 117 12-oz. cans
  • check
    ​Soft-touch digital controls
  • check
    ​Removable wire basket with divider
  • check
    ​Optional App for Android and iOS

08. Whynter FM-65G 65-Quart Portable Refrigerator

Whynter FM-65G 65-Quart is another version of 12V refrigerator or freezer for your tripping household companion. The model is a super quality innovative design on the market which operates both freezer or refrigerator as your needs.

In your road journey the little fridge will give you the solution of food preserving and mobile charging. With rapid cooling system it can cool things so quickly that’s a very attractive feature of its.

Besides the freezer is great for RVs, boasts, trips whatever place you to like take with you and use when you need. To keep your food and beverages chilled take the freezer with you on trips.

To active the model all you need is just 12V/24V DC power supply and 110V for AC connection same as automotive power supply.

Users are reviewed so well even someone said it as a life safer device on the trips and very nice features to use smoothly. That’s a huge relief when some user said positive complements about that product when you want to a buy the product.

Let’s have a look the features of Whynter FM-65G 65;

Highlighted Features

  • 65-quart capacity meaning 107can
  • Rapidly cooling system
  • Display LED temperature
  • AC 8ft and 5ft DC power cord included
  • Freeze or refrigerator two types usable
  • Movable basket wire system
  • Walls and lids insulated
  • High quality compressor
  • Temperature limit -6 to 50F
  • Voltage 115V/60Hz for AC
  • DC 12V/24V for 4.5A/2.5A


  • Operates as freezer or refrigerator
  • Easy to carry with
  • Large space in a budget rate

Over all a super quality good space and also high quality freezer to buy.

​You can check for 45 Quart Whynter FM-45G ​Portable Refrigerator/Freezer, Platinum

Whynter FM-45G 45-Quart Portable Refrigerator​
  • check
    ​Capacity: 45 Quarts
  • check
  • check
    ​65 Watt
  • check
    ​Fast freeze mode rapidly cools -8°F
  • check
    ​Weight: 45 LB
  • check
    ​DC 12V/24V power, AC 115V/60Hz

09. Engel MR040F-U1 Marine Fridge Freezer

Engel MR040F-U2 Marine freezer one of best quality product in the market from Engel brand. Before in our list we described one of model of these brand. Another comparing its we put on list of description for its good feedback and high performance.

The model provides same service like M35 or M45 with a little version what suits you best. If you decide to buy a mini size portable fridge for going on hunting, boating or picnic the model is great for RVs, boats, vehicles.

It is easier to use and also a heavy duty cooler for chilling your foods and beverages like natural. When you are going for vacation and not have a cooler for your drinks, it will ruin all the charm of having fun. So we think do not be late for adding one in your list.

Users gave many positive reviews after using this model on their trips and camping. Here are some noticeable features of the model you may have a look on it before buying the product.

Highlighted Features

  • Top opening good quality product
  • Capacity 40qts
  • For DC power 12/24V
  • For AC power need 110/120V
  • Swing motor compressor
  • Draws low Amp at start up
  • Cord AC and DC both 12/24V plug
  • Removable handles screws with
  • Voltage selection facility
  • Weight 48lbs


  • Take little space
  • Easy to use and carry
  • High quality performance

​This is a good quality companion for your trips and best investment for you.

10. EdgeStar FP630 Portable Refrigerator

Here is another portable freezer EdgeStar FP630 on the market. You can easily use it according to your purposes such as tripping, camping, boating or picnic whenever on your vacation go with RV, boat, other vehicles etc.

The model is also very effective power lead features as usual 12V for DC power supply and 110V AC. You can easily power with your car cigarette lighter outlet.

With high quality performance the spacious and deluxe model of 12V refrigerator keep your food cold while you are traveling through RVs, boat or other vehicle.

The model is included side line grip handles which makes your traveling easy to carry. Besides it's metal construction keep the food cool for long time.

Users are very happy to get the mini portable fridge in their vacation.

Highlighted Features

  • 43 qt model for family or road trips
  • 12/24V for DC power
  • 115V for AC power
  • Rapid cool function
  • Rounded edge
  • Lid insulated
  • Temperature -8F to 50F
  • Power cord 8inch detachable
  • Comfort handles with side grip


  • Very easy manual function
  • Available in different size
  • Power low usage

The last word is very easy manual featured 12V voltage support mini fridge for your vacation.

​How to select best portable refrigerator for camping?

So it’s the time of family vacation, did you pack your food or drinks? Oh no the foods quantity so much and don’t have any mini fridge to store. Then what are you waiting for before falling this type problem facing bring a 12V ​​​camping fridge on your vehicle for your camping trip.

For a long trip or short the portable refrigerator gives the relaxation more because you don’t have to worry about foods or drinks. It’s a panic when you are in picnic or middle of the party and you have no cold drinks.

Make sure before going on vacation you have the best portable camper refrigerator, best portable generator. There are many constructional differences between home refrigerator, portable refrigerator and refrigerators for a garage. So only take portable fridge which is suitable for your journey no other type refrigerator is not recommended.

So here we are to help you because there is lots of freeze or refrigerator on the market. They have different features and programs according to their edition for various purposes. Freezer is one which cold your things up to a time like frozen time whenever on the other side ​portable refrigerator not only cool your drinks but also preserve foods in natural way.

This is why we are recommending you top listed best portable fridge for camping or you can also use it on your home party. That is the magic some of these model also go for home uses because they can also support the AC power supply.

Camping, hunting, fishing, boating,snorkeling by snorkel Mask on the water just go around the world to adventure through your leisure time and have the enjoyment of nature, green, seas, mountain what you like the most with the portable refrigerator it will keep your drinks freeze.

Human are created to have work and relax both are needed to lead life smoothly. Expressing yourself to the world with basic things the journey will be more comfortable and cherished.

When the thing is quality matter of products then you have to throw away the budget matter because good thing in cheap rate don’t go together.

​Portable refrigerators are the best innovative new edition products for our modern days to chill food or drinks when you are in vacation or in the middle of camping party recreation.

​People have craze when they determine to buy something. After buying they face many problems because he bought that product without doing any research what should he need. What problem can be faced? What facility will be missed if you buy this item?

So think before buying sometimes there is no option after bought a product. Don't worry you got us with real life engineering expert team who are very professionals doing research with the latest update. Our guideline will help you to pick up the perfect ​​​portable refrigerator for camping which suitable to you.

Before buying ​Camping Refrigerator:

​Make sure some important factors of the refrigerators such as 

i) Budget

ii) Capacity and dimension

iii​​​​) Compressor Quality

​iv) Power Consumption

​v) Battery run down back up

vi) Noise

vii) Portable and household both usage

​viii) Refrigerant

ix) Display screen

​x) Safe Shipment

i) Budget: Budget is the main factor for everything to buy. Cheap rate product always don't long last. Many people buy fridge within 5 years which cost him double with free hassle. If you spend a little bit addition to your budget you can get a high quality freezer which will provide you good service during a long time. We are not suggesting to buy high price product. We provide you the best portable refrigerators with the best affordable low price.

ii) Capacity and dimension: Determine the capacity and dimension where you want to use it car, boat, SUV, RV etc. and how many people will use it. Make sure you will face any problem about carrying drinks and foods for low space.

iii​​​​) Compressor Quality: The most important feature of a refrigerator is compressor. Many leading company provides weak compressor which can not maintain temperature control keep good condition your food and beverage. We have tested all the compressor and finally gave you the best of them which will not disappoint you. Most of the refrigerators we suggested used high quality technology with robust Danfoss compressors will not down your food and drinks. 

​iv) Power Consumption: When you are in the middle of the sea from where you get power only 12V battery. Make sure your fridge consumes less power but provides high performance. In that case our recommendation ARB fridges runs with low power don't be confused with 12V it will cool down your food-drinks with the same way.

v) Battery Run Down Back Up: It's very panic when your in the middle of some party and your battery run down how your food and drinks will remain good condition. Here we suggested most of the portable refrigerator will work when battery goes down specially ARB fridges will not down your food or drinks party will be on.

vi) Noise: Less noise portable freezer is always good. If you go through our suggested brands you will not get this problem. Noisy freeze also consumes more energy which will take your battery in early. 

vii) Portable and household both usage: Try to buy a portable refrigerator which you can use outside and inside your home both. You know that well vacation is not all over the year, you have to come back home after enjoying vacation. If you can use your portable fridge outside and inside your home why is that bad. Make sure it runs with DC and AC both. It will worth your every penny. 

​viii) Refrigerant: It is the important matter remains inside the compressors which is always hot at normal temperature and pressure. Many companies use R600 Freeon which has a safety caution. Don't be afraid high quality product manufacturer brand avoid this Freeon and they have very good safety measure. You can talk to company which refrigerant they use. You have no need to worry we already selected those products which will give you maximum safety.

ix) Display screen: ​Large crystal clear LED display is recommended. ​Clear vision will help you to read the temperature accurately.

​x) Safe Shipment: When you fix a product to buy talk to your shipping company as they can supply your item safely without any damage. After arriving your fridge take it in that place where you want to place but don't run instantly wait for at least 30 min or 60 min as the refrigerant can set well inside the fridge then start and check all the functions are working or not properly. If you got any defect reliable companies always happy to replace your product.

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