Capacitors in Series

There are two types of combinations of capacitor viz capacitors in parallel and capacitors in series.

What is capacitor? Which stores charge is called capacitor. Capacitor stores capacity of charge. It is measured in Coulomb(C).

Combination capacitors are used for special case. Arranging many capacitors for one purpose is called combination of capacitors. The whole combination is worked as one capacitor. There are two types of combinations

1. Series combination
2. Parallel combination

# Series combination: Normally connecting series capacitors is series combination. Series combination is that where all the capacitors connected serially. In parallel capacitors are connected in parallel combination.

Each capacitor has +Q and – Q charges between their two points.
If every capacitors potential difference are V1, V2, V3
Then capacitors voltage

V = V1 + V2 + V3 ……………. (i)

Capacitance of the capacitors are C1, C2 and C3

If we use an equivalent capacitor instead of the capacitors which potential difference is V and charge is Q.
For series capacitor

This is the series formula of capacitors. We use the equation when the capacitors in series.

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