Electrical potential

Potential is a significant and very important term in electricity. Connecting two charged bodies with conductor wire charge may be flowed or not between two bodies. Flowing of charge does not depend upon the bodies of the two charge amount. It depends on some conditions of the charged bodies.

The depending condition is called as electric potential. Where is electric potential difference there will flow of charge, if not potential difference flowing of charge is not possible. In every electrical circuits where current flows there is electrical potential difference between two points. There is a combination between flowing of water and electric potential and flowing of heats between two bodies.

If a small vessel and large vessel is connected by a pipe, then water will flow from one vessel to another until they reach same level. Attaining same water level flowing of water will be stopped. Similarly for thermal condition heat will flow between two bodies until the two bodies become same temperature. Same things happen in the electricity. Where is potential difference electric charges flow there. Electric charge flows from higher potential to lower potential.

Now we can say

“The state for which flow of charge between two charged bodies can take place is called electric potential.”

Electrical charge


Charge on a sphere: If two metal circles are connected by wire with positive charge, then it can be following as below

1)      Sphere charge can be moved right circle to left circle.

2)      Charge can be transferred to left circle from right circle.

3)      It will be remained as before.


Transferring of charge does not depend on the quantity of sphere. It depends on electric potential. Current charge flows from high charge sphere to how charge sphere. The flowing of charge will be held until the two spheres obtain equal positive +q charge.

So potential is those conditions which takes or give charges when it connects with another conductor. Flowing of electric charge does not depend on the quantity of two charged conductor. Consider two conductors are positively charged. First conductor has charged more than second conductor. But electric potential of first conductor is less than second conductor.

If we connect two conductors, then positive electricity charge will flow from second conductor to first though first conductor has more positive charge than second. The positive charge will flow until the electric potential of two spheres reach equal position. When the two spheres obtain equal potential, the flowing charge will be ended.

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