What is circuit?

Circuit theory is important for electrical engineering, physical science, networking.  Circuit theory is the fundamental of electrical engineering. Every electrical engineering students should have clear concept about circuit. We transfer electrical energy one place to another through circuit. In our houses we use different types of circuit for using fan, bulb, iron, fridge, micro oven etc. Before understanding circuit we have must knowledge about circuit element. Each component in a circuit is known as circuit element. Battery, resistor, wire, capacitor, inductor etc are circuit element. See below some practical circuit element

some practical circuit element

Circuit symbols of those element are below

circuit symbols

If we connect some element then it is called electrical circuit. A circuit is the path by where charges can go.

What is a circuit?

“Interconnection between some electrical elements is called circuit”.

A simple circuit is shown in below figure. The circuit consists of three elements are battery, bulb and wire.

simple circuit

When there is no connection between elements we cannot say that is a circuit see below picture that is not circuit because it has no connection.

 simple electric circuit


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